Ocean Park Halloween Fest – Hong Kong!!

2019 has seen me do many exciting things, with August seeing me join the ‘Ocean Park Halloween Fest’ make-up team! 3 months living and working in Hong Kong.

After a 12 hour flight, I was greeted with a warm smile and great expectations. This year has marked a challenging period in Hong Kong’s history with the young people fighting to maintain their freedoms. I’ve seen protests first hand and felt the charge as the intimidating presence of the police entered the scene. I’ve seen the beauty and wonder of the Mid-Autumn Festival with the fire dragon dance and stunning lantern display in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay and surrounding areas.

I’ve also made made some very special friends.

Hong Kong is a truly inspiring place.

All prosthetics and makeups were applied by myself.

Prosthetics designed by badassbodypaint/ costumes by Ocean Park