Sarah Scarer Smith – award winning body artist

Review for Bodypainting

Sarah is a multi talented artist with no apparent boundaries. From illustration, portraiture, canvas, murals to face and bodypainting she is at the top her game in every medium she explores. Her work is finely tuned and impeccably detailed with a plethora of techniques used to the highest degree. This woman is not only at the top of her game in body art but a big name who influences countless artists as hobbyists around the world. Her meticulous deployment of airbrush technique is inspirational and has already won her respect and accolades from competitive UK and European events in the bodypaint field. Her humble nature endears her to her thousands of followers and friends and I personally would recommend her above any other for high quality airbrush body art without question. She is the best I have seen in the UK and rivals any global counterpart.

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