Nothing but admiration

Review for Bodypainting

I originally met Sarah on Facebook in 2014 and had the opportunity to meet her and a group of other body painters at an event in Whitby. I’d never seen body painters before and I fell in love with their craft instantly! Sarah is exceptionally gifted at this exciting art form and seeing her work is nothing short of spellbinding. She can turn her skilled hand to wild cartoony concepts as readily as she can conjure beautiful works of fine art. She also has a fantastic eye for design too, something that is very important when painting on a human body because the canvas is a demanding one. Sarah painted a “peeled human” for a Hellraiser shoot in my studio and the results were utterly mind-blowing. The work followed anatomical accuracy and respected the form, whilst maintaining a vivid style and artistic freedom. I swear, miracles flow out of that airbrush of hers.

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